3rd eCall TESTFEST - eCall Testing Workshop
27-10-2014 - 31-10-2014
CTAG participates in the 10th ITS European Congress in Helsinki
16-06-2014 - 19-06-2014
Industrial Workshop: nanomaterials for the industry
29-04-2014 - 29-04-2014
CTAG participates in the R&D&I Conference “Building the Future. A view on trends in R&D and innovation”.
03-04-2014 - 03-04-2014

Successful completion of the European Project ECOplast
CTAG participates in the European Project ARTRAC “Advanced Radar Tracking and Classification for Enhanced Road Safety”
Launch of CARBONINSPIRED 2.0 project to promote the use of nanoparticles in the Southwest of Europe
Publication of the ERDF-INNTERCONECTA GALICIA 2013 call for projects