Start: 22-10-2012  Finnish: 26-10-2012
Lugar: Viena
Contacto: Marketing

19th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems
The 19th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) took place in Vienna from October 22 to 26.

In this edition the latest developments on ITS and alternative mobility solutions were shown.

CTAG participated with several speeches:

Francisco Sánchez, Electronics and ITS Director at CTAG gave two speeches on the results of the project called SISCOGA-Cooperative Systems of Galicia-, one of them together with José Luis Díez, Infotainment and Software Area Manager. These speeches gave a general view of the project and the characteristics of the corridor jointly controlled by CTAG and Dirección General Tráfico (DGT). The cooperative technical solution was also explained. Finally, the next steps of the project were described, its continuity within the frame of the DRIVE C2X project and the extension to the urban area of Vigo projected in 2012.

Francisco Sánchez also gave a speech on the AVOIDANCE project, a system designed to avoid collisions between vehicles. The presentation described the current development by CTAG of a system to avoid crashes on passenger vehicles, the environmental perception of the solutions, its interaction with the autonomous control systems, its implementation within the electronic architecture of the vehicle and the selected HMI concept. Finally, the initial results of the project were shown ending with a conclusion and the next steps to follow.

Ana Paúl, Technological Innovation Director, gave a speech on the MOBI2GRID project explaining its phases and objectives. CTAG participates in this project together with the Portuguese research centre CEIIA. This project consists of pilot tests for electrical mobility in a corridor between Vigo and Porto. The presentation highlighted the results already obtained and the following steps of the project.

Rosa Blanco, Human Factor Area Manager, presented OPENER, explaining CTAG’s activities on this project in cooperation with PSA, Bosch, FZI and AVL. The objective of this project is the development of strategies and driving assistance systems oriented to increase efficiency, range and safety in electric vehicles. CTAG’s activities on this project are focused on the HMI development and the use of cooperative technologies in electric vehicles, carrying out the validation tests on the smart corridor.